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India's building and interiors market - free report


India ranks second in the world in terms of its population - and its economy is not far off a similar rank. The country's GDP is predicted to double over the next fifteen years, and one of the main reasons is the huge role played by the construction industry. A growing consumer class needs more houses, more facilities and more infrastructure, and India's government is wasting no time responding to this need, with enormous house building projects, infrastructure masterplans, and a concerted effort to attract international business to take part in India's growth story.
This, of course, means that India's building and interiors sector - already employing a workforce the size of the Canadian population - is going to grow even bigger. And for this growth to happen, India needs building and finishing materials - in larger quantities, and of better quality.
But this is not just a story for the Indian market - suppliers, builders and investors from all over the world are a vital part of India's growth story. Imports of high-quality international building and interiors products are rising as middle class consumption grows, and many foreign companies -  large, small and everything in between - are already enjoying the opportunities for growth and business development that India offers.
Want to find out how your company can tap into this growth as well? The 36-page guide covers everything you need to know about the opportunities in India's building market, including: 
1. Introduction to India
2. India's Interior Finishing and Building Materials Market
3. India's Building Industry Sector by Sector
4. Major Projects
5. Doing Business in India
6. Challenges and Opportunities
Follow the link below to download your free guide to India's construction market - and the opportunities waiting for you there. 
Building and Interiors in India: Creating a Global Powerhouse


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