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Doing business in Turkey? You need trade shows


You are a business professional in the construction sector. You’ve identified Turkey, with a building sector worth 5.9% of its $751 billion economy, as your next potential market. There are many entry avenues for you to explore, but the one that leads straight towards Turkish success is trade shows.
Trade shows already offer innumerable benefits for visitors and exhibitors alike. In Turkey, these exhibitions take on a more important aspect. Such events are now closely integrated into Turkey’s business world. Here are some of the reasons why trade shows are one of the tools essential for succeeding in Turkey.
Turks prefer to do business face-to-face
In Turkey, it’s all about building trust and relationships when it comes to doing business. Face-to-face contact is an absolute must. Forging long-lasting, personal relationships is far more beneficial in Turkey than simply hammering through stats, proposals  and purely work related matters.
A trade show, such as Yapi TurkeyBuild organised by ITE Build & Interiors, provides attendees with immediate, in-person contact with important industry figures. You can take the time to chat, get to know a little more about your prospective clients and make a killer first impression. Remember, building trust is essential in Turkish business relationships. 
Making face-to-face contact at exhibitions will give you a solid head start over rivals who prefer to rely on cold calls and intercontinental emails to make initial connections.
Trade shows offer access to smaller Turkish enterprises
Turkey’s business landscape is populated with thousands of small-to-mid level companies. Of course, there are plenty of major conglomerates and corporations that operate across the country. However, it is the smaller organisations with which you are likely to be doing business. 
Trade shows excel in Turkey as they bring together hundreds of these businesses in one location. This is doubly useful for a couple of reasons. Firstly, due to their smaller stature, some of these businesses may have been inaccessible to international companies looking to start relations. 
Secondly, more easterly or southerly regionsin Turkey may be less experienced undertaking cross-borders business than their colleagues in larger cities. Exhibitions draw these elements of Turkey’s business community together and provide them a platform to explore their overseas opportunities. This makes it substantially easier for firms from abroad to build bridges with companies that may have proven difficult to reach via other means.
It won’t just be Turkish attendees at a trade show in Turkey
Turkey’s geographic location, bordering both Europe and Asia, has been a huge advantage for the nation for centuries. It is also another reason why trade shows located in the country are so successful.
Visitors and exhibitors from the Turkey’s various neighbours will be using shows as base to probe Turkish markets but to also make global connections. For example, at Yapi TurkeyBuild Istanbul 2016, companies from 105 countries took part. Businesses from North Africa, Russia and the CIS countries, the Middle East and even further afield attended the show.
Turkey has long been known in Europe as the “Gateway to Asia”. Now, via trade events, Turkey is a passage to the whole world. 
To see why trade shows work in Turkey attend one yourself
Why trade exhibitions are essential to Turkish prosperity can be written about at length. Yet, as with so many things, the best way to experience their benefits is to attend one yourself.
Whether you are thinking of exhibiting your products or services, or you would prefer to visit, take a look at ITE Build & Interiors’ events today to find out how beneficial attending one will be – especially in Turkey.


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