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Three new towers added to a growing Jakarta

The combination of Indonesia's rapidly growing population and the fact that more and more people are moving to live in the nation's cities has been very positive for the country's construction industry. As urban areas such as Jakarta grow in size, more and more homes are needed and increasingly large structures are commissioned.

This has been incredibly beneficial for certain companies. Most recently, a contract was signed between Lotte Engineering & Construction and the Pakuwon Group for the second phase of a project that will see over 1,000 new residences constructed in the Indonesian capital. This huge development is the latest in a long line of impressive constructions in Jakarta.

Indonesia's build and interiors industry is becoming stronger and stronger as the need for new buildings grows. Here are a few of Jakarta's largest residential projects:


Kota Kasablanka

The contract signed by Lotte and Pakuwon was for phase two of the Kota Kasablanka project, a huge mixed-use development in Jakarta. With a total area of 336,596 sqm, the development will see three high-rise towers built in the central commercial district of the Indonesian capital.

Two of the towers will be apartment blocks, containing a combined 1,196 new homes, while the other will be an office building. Each residential block will be 42 storeys tall and feature five underground levels, some of which will be used for car parking. Overall, this ambitious project is estimated to be worth over $128 million.


Raffles Residences Jakarta

The recently constructed scheme from hotel company Raffles has provided Jakarta with 80 new luxury residences. The firm opened the Raffles Jakarta hotel in March this year, and alongside its 173 standard rooms are several suites that can be purchased outright.

Building this impressive structure involved the construction of a huge 2,500 sqm ballroom as well as several swimming pools, a fitness centre, a yoga terrace, several tennis courts and a 300 m jogging track. Each room features floor to ceiling windows, and a spa and several restaurants are planned to open later this year once construction is complete.



On the edge of Jakarta's central business district sits Arzuria, an apartment complex currently under construction. Scheduled to be completed in 2018, the project will see two separate blocks constructed with a total area of more than 6,800 sqm. These will eventually contain 210 residences.

The scheme is being undertaken by PT Arzu Main Realty, with the help of a $12.1 million international investment from Indian firm Standard Chartered Private Equity. Arzuria will include a range of eco-friendly features - including a natural ventilation system and re-treated water - alongside overhanging balconies and extensive gardens.

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The St Moritz

Finally, a huge mixed-use development is being built in Indonesia's Makassar region. The St Moritz - which is being developed by Lippo Homes - will feature apartments alongside a ballroom, a shopping mall, offices and other luxuries. The development is being staggered, and many apartments have already been sold and are being lived in while construction is ongoing elsewhere.

Speaking to the Jakarta Post, Lippo's chief of marketing Jopy Rusli said: "Market enthusiasm is very good. More consumers bought St Moritz apartments with cash. Only a few of them used apartment ownership credits. That is why we are confident with the Makassar market."

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