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Indonesia's construction industry: market report

Indonesia's construction industry, already worth 10% of the country’s massive GDP, will grow into one of the largest in the world in the coming decade. For suppliers, investors and exporters in every single sector of the building and interiors industries, the South-East Asian archipelago economy offers unequalled opportunities for short and long-term returns.

With a growing population of 260 million, huge infrastructure spending and rapid urbanisation, Indonesia is developing at an unprecedented rate. Its GDP, already standing at $895 billion, is forecast to grow by up to 10% per year in the next fifteen years, and construction will play a leading role in it. Indonesia’s government is planning to spend $450 billion on infrastructure alone between now and 2020, with over $22 billion of confirmed spending for 2016. But an even more promising area for investment and exporters exists - meeting the housing demands of Indonesia’s enormous population.

Excitingly, this construction boom is being fuelled by every level of society. Indonesia’s top-level consumers and upper classes are buying high-quality finishing materials in larger quantities than ever before, but the construction growth is based on more than the high-end market – a shortfall of 20 million homes means the country is crying out for greener, safer and more efficient materials. From the million-unit house-building programme in Jakarta and other urban areas to the ever-active hotel construction in Bali, new projects are getting the go-ahead all over Indonesia on a daily basis. What's more, the ministers, buyers and specifiers in charge of building Indonesia’s future are increasingly looking abroad to meet demand.

Many international companies, both large and small, are already reaping the benefits of choosing Indonesia as a market to focus on. Despite the massive opportunities on offer, it is not a decision to take lightly – there is a lot to learn about the market for new exporters. This is where our free market report comes in – 26 pages of statistics, information and areas of opportunities in Indonesia’s construction industry.

Contents of the report:

- The Indonesian Economy
- Indonesia's Construction Sector
- Building Materials - Statistics and Opportunities
- Major Projects
- Imports & Exports
- Challenges and Opportunities

Click here to get our free 26-page market report to the opportunities on offer in Indonesia's building sector - and how you can take your business there.

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