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Why sell to Poland?

When looking for new markets to enter into, international businesses might want to consider Poland. The EU member is rapidly becoming a very attractive prospect for investors and sellers of all kinds, particularly in the build and interiors industry. As such, competition is heating up in the region as more companies try to sell to the nation.

So, is it worth it? Should you invest in the Polish market and attempt to break into this region? There are definitely a number of benefits to doing so that you should bear in mind. Here are the top reasons to sell in Poland:


Construction is improving

First of all, the construction industry in Poland is growing and seeing a lot of success. In fact, the industry grew by 4.8 per cent in the last year, with a big boost at the end of the 2014 as the industry expanded by one per cent in December. This has been in part due to some major construction projects in the country.

For example, the International Convention Centre in Katowice is scheduled to be completed in March this year, after being started back in 2011. The ongoing project currently employs 450 people, and once completed the main hall will be large enough to accommodate 15,000 people.


Poland is a leader in its region

In central and eastern Europe, Poland has the largest market share, especially when it comes to build and interiors. Year-on-year, Romania was the only country in the region with a faster-growing construction industry, with Sweden also growing slightly faster when the rest of the EU is considered.

Not only is Poland one of the fastest-growing markets, it is also one of the most innovative. In fact, the Central and Eastern Europe Development Institute has said that Poland could become the regional leader in this area, with many projects utilising cutting-edge technology, especially in terms of sustainability and energy-efficiency.


A growing economy

According to the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom, Poland is a growing economy that is becoming more and more receptive to overseas investors. In fact, it scores at 88 out of 100 for trade freedom, and scored 70 on the same scale for investment freedom. This is helped by the fact that Poland's laws essentially treat foreign and domestic investors as one and the same.

Poland's scores on this index have been steadily growing, and 2015 saw an average increase of 1.6 points compared to last year. Both trade and investment freedom are at the highest they've ever been on the index. All this has contributed to an economy that is more receptive than ever to foreign businesses, and a great place to start selling.

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