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Ukrainian government announces plans for joint Ukraine-US heat pump project

The communal heating company of the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk plans to implement a pilot Ukrainian-American joint project to use US heat pump technology to heat and cool buildings in the city, a spokesman for Ukraine’s housing and communal services ministry announced last Friday.

 “Our American partners have offered to begin working with local Ukrainian authorities, and the appropriate utilities companies and public/private partnerships, in order to develop, fund and implement the project,” said Sergey Kushnir, director of the ministry’s department of utilities and housing policy, in a ministry meeting on energy efficiency.

Kushnir also expressed how important he considers it that programmes are developed to introduce geothermal technology with specified sources of funding, including from US federal funding systems. He did not specify other details regarding the cost, other sources of funding, or a timescale for the programme.

Ivano-Frankivsk’s communal heating company was founded in 1979 through a merger of several smaller counterparts. It operates 37 boiler houses and 160 boilers, and provides heating and hot water to 43,000 homes and 1,700 other buildings.


(Adapted translation from http://interfax.com.ua/news/economic/235619.html

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